don’t predict

February 6, 2007

If we keep our eyes open probably nothing else would be required to get answers to all our queries. yesterday only I saw the new edition of NGC magazine (of February) in which the focus was on heart transplantation, related problems and innovations where, there were many a pictures of human body having only bones& arteries. Heart was shown as a device which can be replaced by some artificial machines. Today when I was listening some boasting, praising ,lectures and what not I changed my point of view and started observing the people as nothing but mortal human bodies. And then it seemed disgusting and time wastage. Yes, time wastage because we could have used that time to make others and ourselves happy. We could have used that time in praying the almighty God Who keep doing wonders and keep us busy in analysing the same.

Hello world!

February 5, 2007

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